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String Theory, Quanta and Gravitation

String Theory, Quanta and Gravitation

Dr. Orlando Alvarez, – Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Miami
Wednesday, January 31st, 2007 – 7:30 PM
Location: Abanico Theater – Arts & Minds Center
3138 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL

Just when we managed to figure out the “E” in “E=MC2” stands for Energy and that we might be made up of Quarks, Leptons and a Bozon or two, along comes String Theory. String Theory? EInstein and Quantum Mechanics accurately explain the basic atomic and sub nuclear particles and forces but incorporating gravity into the mix leads to nonsense. String Theory is an alternative where point like particles are replaced by extended string-like objects. The miracle is that String Theory automatically appears to contain a consistent quantum theory of gravity but you do not get a free ride. Dr. Alvarez will help us to untangle the knots.


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Psychoanalyzing the Movies- Rear Window

Psychoanalyzing the Movies- Rear Window

Michael Slote Ph.D, – Dept. of Philosophy, University of Miami
Frederick J. Levine, Ph.D- Florida Psychoanalytical Society
Friday, January 26th 2007 7:300 PM
Location: Mercy Hospital – Bayside Pavilion , 3663 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL
This event is in collaboration with the Florida Psychoanalytic Society

Universally recognized as one of the greatest films of all time, this Hitchcockian thriller stars James Stewart and Grace Kelly (at her most ravishing) as Jeff and Lisa, estranged lovers whose reconciliation is played out against a backdrop of voyeurism, violence and mystery. View Hitchcock’s classic film then get “under the skin” in a lively discussion with members of the Florida Psychoanalytic Society.

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Show and Tell with Darlyne Chauve

Show and Tell with Darlyne Chauve

Darlyne Chauve, Artist – Luky Cancio, Curator
Wednesday, January 24th 2007 7:300 PM
Location: WareHaus NOW, 745 NW 54th Street , Miami, FL

Darlyne Chauve is a second generation artist whose work is the expression of philosophical ideas about the dimensions of time and space. Join us for an adventure in art as we visit the artist’s studio in Miami’s newest art district, NOW (North of Wynwood), for a conversation between the artist and curator Luky Cancio. Visit the artist’s web site at

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Modern Humanism

Modern Humanism

Dr. Robert Tapp, University of Michigan
Wednesday, January 17th 2007 7:300 PM
Location: Albanico Theater, 3138 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL

Modern humanists are both alliers and pioneers. Many of their social values are shared with secular and religious groups, but some other values emerge from their non theistic and naturalistic stance. Dr. Tapp will discuss how issues like euthanasia, ecology, sexuality, gender, historical honesty, and trans nationalism challenge modern humanists to balance this distinctiveness with the need to be relevant in modern societies.

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Living a Magickal Life – The Wicca Way

Living a Magickal Life – The Wicca Way

Sandra Richardson – Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising
Wednesday, January 10th 2007 7:300 PM
Location: Albanico Theater, 3138 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL

As a priestess serving the South Florida community for over 16 years, Rev. Sandra Richardson has seen many facets of life. Through the religion of Wicca, she has been able to help thousands to a better way of living. In this evening, Sandra shares some of her views about life and the Old Religion. The lecture covers topics such as belief, faith, science, philosophy, and religion. Gain an understanding of the meanings of the elements and the pentacle! This promises to be a most interesting evening!

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